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Entire slaughterhouse, cutting and packaging plant for poultry (especially chickens) , with a production capacity of 2, 800 per HR

Entire slaughterhouse, cutting and packaging plant for poultry (especially chickens), with a production capacity of 2,800 per hour.

This is a modern slaughterhouse, cutting and packaging plant for poultry and derived products, especially chickens.

The products manufactured by this modern company are subject to a rigorous system of health control and the company itself possesses the following health certifications:

- ISO 9002 with UKAS recognition in the U.K. and France, and ENAC recognition in Spain.

- Q quality certification authorized by the Autonomous Government of Catalonia and certified by Bureau Veritas.

- LDG  Certification.

Production capacity in the Slaughterhouse section is between 2,500 and 2,800 per hour, and the capacity in the Cutting section is 2,000 units per hour.

For the reinstallation of this plant a minimum surface area of 3,000.- square metres  is required.

The electrical installation currently in place in the plant is 400 kw.

Number of employees required for each 8 hour shift to attain maximum production (not including offices or transport):

- Reception and slaughterhouse section ...16

- Bulk cutting halls .14

- Section for packing into individual trays...10

It should be noted that the present installation is also equipped to carry out slaughter under the following systems:

- HALAL Islamic regulations

- KOSHER Jewish regulations

- FRIED CHICKEN system (U.S.A.)

The Plant consists of the following sections:

  • Reception of live birds
  • Slaughtering Zone
  • Plucking Zone
  • Evisceration Section
  • Draining Zone
  • Zone for classification by unit weight
  • Zone for packing of whole birds
  • Labelling and dispatching chamber
  • Automatic cutting hall
  • Equipment for packaging cuts

  • Installations and equipment for cold stores
  • Diverse machines and installations.

  • Boiler and box cleaning section
  • Full cleansing equipment
  • Vehicles, trucks and transport section.
  • Offices and changing-rooms


Practically all the machinery and installations date from 1998 to 2002, with the exception of some equipment which, although older, was checked between 2000 and 2002. Its general condition is highly acceptable, and we therefore consider that  practically all the machinery and the different aspects of the production process are in keeping with the normal quality standards for the industry.

Market  Analysis

Estimated projections for world trade in poultry meat are constantly increasing, world production is estimated as attaining a  volume of the order of 65 million tonnes per year, the main producers being the U.S.A., China and Brazil, which account for 60%  of production. It is also important to bear in mind the significant growth in production in other producing countries such as Thailand, the Sudan, India, Argentina and the total recovery from outbreaks of H.P.A.I. (bird flu) in Asiatic countries.

The main consuming and importing areas are concentrated in:  Russia, Japan, the European Union and Saudi Arabia, which account for 73 % of the market, and there are forecasts of major increases in consumption in: India, Mexico, Chile, South Africa, Argentina, Egypt, Algeria, Morocco, Turkey, the Ukraine, Romania, Poland in addition to, obviously, China, Brazil and the USA. It is important to highlight that the highest rates of growth are registered in the emerging economies and in South American countries.

Financial conditions


The assessment of the value of the plant has been made in accordance with highly objective criteria relating to the prices practised on the international market for the purchase and sale of this type of machinery and of the possibilities for selling it both in Spain and in the rest of the world.

It is understood that the price indicated is with the assets in their present condition and location (on an as is, where is basis), having taken into account the costs of dismantling and removal.

                             Price for the Entire Plant.

Dismantling, Reassembly, Know How


In return for payment of the relevant fees, we can provide the services of dismantling, subsequent reassembly and putting into operational order the entire plant, together with staff training.

Delivery time


Dismantling operations can commence 15 days after signature of the sale and purchase contract and the relevant payment.

Inventory of the most important machinery


Reception of live birds


- Lift with lifting platform

- Lifting gangway for birds carts

- Three lifts for carts of live birds

- Electrical stun tunnel for birds

Slaughtering zone


- Blood transfer pump

- Equipment and silo for cooling of blood

- AUSMATIC automatic electronic transfer

- Overhead conveying system with rollers, hooks, etc.


Plucking zone


- Scalding shower tunnel for birds

- CONTRAMATIC LIMCO 1st Plucking Machine

- PENTAMATIC STORK 2nd five-armed Plucking Machine

- Feather selection brush

- Equipment and silo for storing feathers

- Two feather-extracting vacuum pumps

- Scalding water conservation tank

Evisceration section


- Gut selection table

- Tanks and equipment for vacuum pumps for gut

- Silo with refrigerating equipment for gut

- Extractor from slaughterhouse to evisceration room

- Control panel for pumps and valves

- AUSMATIC automatic cutter to open birds hindquarters

- AUSMATIC ASPIRATRIP vacuum extractor of entrails

- Automatic leg-cutter disc

- Line of showers for cleaning birds.

- Machine for cleaning carts

Draining zone


- Condensers for draining

- AUSMATIC automatic electronic overhead-transfer draining system  

Zone for classification by unit weight


- Classifying machine

- MAREL classifying calibrator between 20 and 1,500 gr.


Zone for packing of whole birds


.- 8,000 boxes for slaughtered chickens

- Various plastic and wooden pallets

Labelling and dispatching chamber

- 4,500 cardboard boxes of various types

- Two BIZERBA labelling machines

- 2 BIZERBA 1,500 kg. foot scales

- 3 BIZERBA scales of various kinds